Why Planes Crash

Why Planes Crash

Plane Crashes and Their Contributing Factors 4

Human factors play a vital roll in aviation operations and are a contributing factor in most aviation accidents, it is impossible however to blame plane crashes on one reason since events leading up to an accident are so varied. Reasoning for plane crashes can be placed in a broad number of categories. Even though plane crashes can be quite tragic, much can be learned from each accident to over all decrease the number of accidents and deaths that occur in aviation. I will discuss and give examples of some of the most common reasons why airplanes crash and show that most plane crashes are a result of human error in combination with other contributing factors.
Plane crashes occur for a number of reasons. There seems to be a consensus with the general public that flying is dangerous, engines fail and planes crash. That is true some times, although the majority of plane crashes occur largely due to a combination of human or pilot error and other factors. Some of the other major reasons for plane crashes that I will touch on are the

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