Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Question: Will moving cargo by air continue to increase in capacity

The passenger airlines carry more cargo than do the cargo specialist and it

still only counts for 10% of airline revenues.

Cargo hasn?t received acknowledgement in important airline decisions that

seam to cater to the passenger airlines as airlines operate aircraft that have the

capability to carry cargo in the belly while still handling passengers, mail, and

baggage. They can make additional revenue by moving cargo along with

passengers, and with a network of airports all over the US. Airborne exports

account for 30% of total exports and between 15 to 20 percent of all imports to

the US. The Government keeps tabs on the cargo industry insuring a viable Civil

Reserve Air Fleet is available for emergency situations around the world.

Air Cargo has three forms: air freight, mail and air express. The first

airmail route went from New York City to Washington D.C. in 1918. Mail

dominated revenues until aircraft arrived specifically designed for passengers.

Airmail; still only accounts for 2 or 3 percent of airline revenues with the United

States Postal Service being the only airline that revenues come completely from

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