Heart Of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness


Charlie Marlow

Marlow as principal narrator, the teller of the story-within-a-story. Hes like the Ancient Mariner of Coleridges poem; he grips you with his storytelling skills. However, unlike the Mariner, he doesnt have a specific lesson to teach; his moral position is more ambiguous. He is thus “contaminated” by his experiences and memories, and, like Coleridges Ancient Mariner, destined, to serve penance, by repeating his story to all whom will listen.
Marlow serves as Conrad?s stand-in; we see in the first half that the novel is heavily autobiographical. Marlow is always observing and judging, but his politeness always seems to cover up the harshness of his judgments. The brickmaker and manger speak frankly to him because this mask of courtesy hides his contempt for them.
We don?t learn very much of Marlow before the Congo voyage except that he is an experienced sailor who has seen the world. We do know that he is a man of modesty and courage. EXAMPLES: attack on the steamer; Kurtz?s escape…We see the modesty come out EXAMPLE: he never emphasizes his heroism of his daring nature and also he gets embarrassed at his aunt?s praises. We

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