Sputnik To Mir A Brief History Of The Soviet Russian Space

Sputnik To Mir: A Brief History Of The Soviet/Russian Space Program

Perhaps some of the most influential figures of the 20th century have not been eloquent politicians or powerful dictators. Indeed, they are scientists in search of technology to deliver humankind to the stars. In the Soviet Union, one name was synonymous with space exploration: Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. The father of the Soviet space program would go on to make these space records: first dog in orbit (Sputnik 2); first large scientific satellite (Sputnik 3); first man; first woman; first extra?vehicular walk; first craft to impact the Moon; first to orbit the Moon and photograph its back side; and finally, first to impact Venus. He would later design and launch the Soviet Union?s first communications satellite and first spy satellite, although not ahead of the US in these two feats.
During the time of the purges, Korolev spent time in the gulag system for alleged disloyalty to Stalin. He was later rescued by an old friend, the airplane designer Tupolev, whose sharaga was assigned to the design of rocket?assisted aircraft. It is possible that he put out a call for specialists, like Korolev, who could help him. In any case, Korolev was

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