Income Inequality And Poverty

Income Inequality And Poverty

Income Inequality and poverty

In almost every household that has turned on their televisions have seen one of the commercials that are advertising for people to send money to sponsor a child. In sponsoring the child you will be helping to clothe, feed, educate and pay for medical needs. Not only is this common in other countries but also is real common in our own rural areas within the United States. However, any chance the rich can they prey upon the poor. They use the fact that the poor countries need money for the things mentioned above yet they will not send all the money to those countries or use the all the money for that purpose.
Human poverty is multidimensional in that it severely constrains human choices and results in vulnerability and a perpetuation of inequalities. These inequalities manifest themselves between women and men, rural and urban, developed and underdeveloped regions, and different ethnic groups. Also the unequal incomes around the world can contribute to this poverty. With the high prices and the low income the rich are still getting rich of the poor. There are people these days being paid more for the position

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