Negative Aspect Of Internet Communication

Negative Aspect Of Internet Communication

Negative aspects of internet communication

During face-to-face communication we rely heavily upon facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to interpret what someone is saying. Communication on the internet includes E-mail, instant messenger, chat room, or message boards. With these methods of communication on the internet facial expression, tone of voice and body language become obsolete. ( Date accessed 5/12/03.)
This exposes some obvious set backs. Communicating over the internet will cause misinterpretation of meaning.
Why are these types of expressions so important Why do we misinterpret over internet communication, aren?t words just as important The tone of somebody?s voice allows us to tell if they are happy, sad, mad, or being sarcastic. Facial expressions tell us about the mood and emotions of a person. Body language gives us clues as to whether the person we are talking with is actually listening to us, if they are interested in the conversation, or if they are bored. Without this support, we are left to decipher for ourselves. ( Date accessed 5/12/03.)

We can clearly see where misinterpretation would be an often occurrence. We could be in a great mood and we assume the person we

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