Private Schooling Rather Than Public

Private Schooling Rather Than Public

Private Schooling rather than Public

Private and Parochial schools have most often been the desired choice of parents when choosing a school for their children. The problem that most parents deal with is affording the opportunity to provide a private school education for their child. Since private schools are not funded by the state, they are forced to charge tuition to attend. However, private schools have repeatedly delivered higher percentages of high school graduates, smaller class sizes, and have proven to better prepare students for the demands of college.
Private schools can charge an elementary student one thousand to two thousand dollars a year for admittance. This presents a problem for most parents, especially those who have more than one child to send. In last year?s elections, Proposition 38 was a proposed device to try and relieve this particular situation. Proposition 38 authorized annual state payments of at least four thousand dollars per student for public and private schools. This proposition was attempting to allow parents the freedom to provide their children with the best educational opportunity, whether public or private. The problem most voters saw with this proposition was the ?entanglement? of church

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