Cross Cultural Communication

Cross Cultural Communication

Cross Cultural Communication

Assignment assessing the differences in two cultures on the basis of Universalistic Vs Particularistic Cultures
With topic of global project in Finland

In the process of doing this assignment, I have taken the help of a number of persons, amongst whom the most important is my professor. Thanks are to him for the continuous support that he has given me.
The large number of books available in the library of Skyline College has been a great help. Also, the vast information made available online by a number of online libraries has been a source of great knowledge.
I have also taken help from the Internet services that have been provided by the college?s online faculty of libraries, from where I got the main idea of the case of this assignment ? Global project especially in Finland
Mukesh Kumar Jangid


Acknowledgements 2
Contents 3
Introduction 4
What is Culture 4
The seven dilemmas 4
The aim of this assignment 5
Main Body 6
Topic taken for discussion ? International Business Constructions 6
Universalism Vs Particularism in detail 6
Universalism 6
Particularism 6
Details of the example ?global project 7
How does culture affect global project 7
Cultural analysis 7
Example of Punctuality 8
Conclusions 10
My solution to cultural problems 10
Bibliography 11

In today?s world, everyone is expanding from local markets to international markets. Initially the companies, who used to be the leaders in the local

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