Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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The workforce is ever changing. In order to stay ahead of the game, one must know how to be effective in human resource management. Human resource management is defined as ?the utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives.? (Mondy, 2) The following pages will explain the importance of human resources by focusing on the 5 aspects of the framework for the human resource management system. Also discussed will by the external factors that affect the human resource branch of business.
One of the most important functions in the human resource management system is staffing. An organization must always have the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills to do a certain job at a certain time. This is where staffing comes into play. Job analysis, planning, recruitment, and selection are all important features that must be met for companies to ensure that their firms are always productive.
Every position in a company should be analyzed and its skills posted. Anyone wanting to apply for a job should know up front what skills and duties he or she are responsible for. Without this knowledge, the company will not be productive due to the

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