Forecasts For The Future Of The Economy

Forecasts For The Future Of The Economy

Forecasts for the Future of the Economy

Economic forecasting is one possible way of predicting what the welfare of our country will be in years to come. There are a number of trends and other data that have led our leading economists to come to a range of conclusions. Indicators such as the amount of poverty that exists in our country as well as the welfare rate are two tools that are used to predict the future. Environmental forecasts are also a leading indicator of the future, even if they are a bit chancy. Last the labor market also has a great deal of influence on the future economic welfare of our country.
The labor market has come to a consensus over the last 60 years, as stated by Bernard E. Anderson in his article ? Worker Protection in the New Century?; this consensus begins with the recognition that market processes have created enormous wealth, but the markets are not perfect. Everyone agrees that something should be done to push the portions of the economy that are determined by the labor market. However the problem with this as with many other economic problems is that no consensus on what should

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