The Importance Of 24 Hours

The Importance Of 24 Hours

The Importance of 24 Hours

I have had important years, some fairly significant months and maybe a few notable weeks, but I can?t say I?ve had too many earth shattering days. It is only 24 hours after all. There is one particular day, however, that could probably be justified as important, maybe even the most important day for me: March 10th 1980.
I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today if not for that day and its events. Everything I would ever need was introduced to me that day. I met several people who would be there to support me in all my future ventures, successful or not. They would teach me many valuable strategies to make my goals attainable. I met a woman with a great knowledge of many useful skills and tricks she would happily share with me. There was a girl, and she promised that day to guide me through the toughest times and to prepare me for when she could not be there. The man who was there would someday walk me up to the biggest decision of my life and give me and my

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