My Little Prayer To God

My Little Prayer To God

My Little Prayer to God

Saying a little prayer to God at every beginning and end of each traveling journey is part of a daily routine that I always do for the past three years. Some of my friends think that I?m being too religious for having this devout attitude. None of them know that there is a poignant experience behind this religious routine. This miraculous occurrence is the main cause of this particular religious routine that I have. This is how the incident started:
It was during Christmas Eve 1997 and I was just got out from St. Patrick?s Cathedral, which is located at 5th Ave, between 50th and 51st St., after attending a seven o?clock Christmas Eve?s mass in there. Then I started walking for a few blocks to the Fifth Ave. subway station to take the E or F train to get home. Next, I took the first available train that arrived, which was the F train; not knowing that something bizarre was going to happen to me in that train.
There were not that many passengers in that particular car that I was in, there were only about six to eight commuters including

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