American Dream

American Dream

The Endless Dream

America is thought of as one of most exulted and profound countries in the entire world. Countless emigrants have been arriving here to begin a new life for hundreds of years. Newcomers believe that they have the opportunity to succeed where they have failed in their initial homelands, but there has been a developing storm brewing in the horizon. Over time the American dream has became corrupted and the prospect of thriving in this capitalistic economy has became tarnished with greed and vanity.
Initially, the modern business world can be held responsible for hindering the fundamental American dream. Now virtually almost every small business has been bought out or over powered by immense conglomerates. The little man that previously owned the old grocery store on Main Street was muscled by the immense, impersonal Super K-mart. Now big business even favors a college education over years of experience at a certain job. This is daunting to individuals who by no means had an opportunity to achieve a higher education, either it being lack of money or the fact that they are newcomers to this country. A person previously believed that if

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