How Fast Time Flies

How Fast Time Flies

Recently, during my grandfathers illness I had the opportunity to observe the

drastic changes that can occur when someone has a terminal illness.

Grandpa started to get real sick at the beginning of January, I?d been to the

hospital to see him a few times. The first day I went, which was a Sunday, to see him he

was acting pretty normal, having an ordinary conversation with my mother, grandmother

and I. I?m sure he was in pain, but he wasn?t the type of guy to let anyone know. The

second day I went, which was that following Wednesday, he was a little drugged up on

some pain medication, that the doctors had given him, and was talking silly. It was

humorous to a certain extent and we had a few good laughs out of it, which we all needed,

but my poor grandfather had no idea what he was even saying. The third day I went he

was asleep, the doctors had gave him more of his pain medication and that knocked him

out. This saddened me a lot because the thought of him having to be injected with that

much pain medication meant he

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