By Land Or By Air

By Land Or By Air

By Land or By Air

How much does $200 mean to you. The average person would say a lot. Now let me ask another question how important is 18 hours of your time. Depending who you are or what you need to do it might be vital or it might mean nothing. I bring this up because there are 3 main ways we travel great distances by air, by land, or by sea. Now most people know most people know that but do they really think about how much money they?re spending or how much time is wasted. Fact the average plane ticket cost 6 times what it would cost if you drove and 3 times what it would cost if you caught a bus. Planes have always been a lovely way to travel. First of all you don?t have to worry about driving because you have a pilot. Secondly you save yourself more than triple your

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