Bed Of Coals

Bed Of Coals

Bed of Coals

Minnesota winters are without a doubt known to be very windy, snowy, and of course,

below zero. Each person prepares for the upcoming winter in his or her own way. Some

hibernate, others move away to avoid freezing, and some just take it as it comes. But having a

bed of coals is a must for some to survive.

A bed of coals is the best friend a person could ask for. Since most people hate to be

cold, especially if the person has poor circulation. People like this, prepare for Minnesota

winters in a different way. Since getting ready for bed at night, now becomes a chore. Unlike in

the summer when people can just jump into bed at night, now preparing the bed is important in

order to fight the cold. The first step in preparing the bed of coals is turning on the electric

blanket, makings sure it=s the bottom blanket (in order to warm up the ice cold sheets) and then

piling five or six of the warmest, comfiest, blankets possible on top. Now the bed of coals is

perfect for that particular person

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