?On Broadway? A Show To Remember

?On Broadway? A Show To Remember

It was a breezy night in November of 1994 at the Center of Performing Arts in San Jose. Inside as the curtain came up we all started to smile with excitement and hope of doing well filled our hearts. All I can remember is thinking back to elementary school and how I felt the first time I sang in front of an audience and how that it dwindled in comparison to this. Although I knew exactly what I was doing down to the last breath, I still feared that I did not know enough to perform that night. This performance was the first major and professional concert that I had preformed in, all at the young age of 11.

We had been learning music and dance routines since August, and had been going to after school and weekend rehearsals for the past four weeks. As a group we had the show down but being one of the youngest in the group of mainly seventh and eighth graders I felt like I had to be better then the average person in the group. At that, time singing was my first love; all my time went into learning my music and the

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