Software Installation Policies

Software Installation Policies

Who is responsible for installing and supporting software
A software installation policy needs to address the fact that the IT group is responsible for deploying software to computers. The wording of this section should describe the general methods of installing software on client computers. This can be used to guide the IT group internally for decisions on client clone images, software strategies, and upgrade paths.

However, users could be involved in the installation procedure. An example would be a step-by-step installation procedure and software media sent out to a user in the field or to a telecommuter.

Supporting software is as important as installing it. Before any application goes onto a client computer, some amount of testing should be performed to ensure that it will adequately address the business need and cooperate with the rest of the computing environment in an ongoing manner.

What types of applications can exist on corporate machines
Keep a list of software needs within the policy. Supplement that list with specific titles and version(s) of the titles. The policy should state who has the ultimate authority for software that is used. In many cases, that could be a team of people from more than the IT group. User input is

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