Keyboard And Speakers

Keyboard And Speakers

The Keyboard

The keyboard is not just an accessory it is a necessity. If there weren?t a keyboard it would be very difficult to use a computer. What is a Keyboard ?Keyboard, in computer science, a keypad device with buttons or keys that a user presses to enter data characters and commands into a computer. Keyboards emerged from the combination of typewriter and computer-terminal technology. They are one of the fundamental pieces of personal computer (PC) hardware, along with the central processing unit (CPU), the monitor or screen, and the mouse or other cursor device.? A keyboard is an input device that gives information to the motherboard. The keyboard today is very similar to the first typewriter in 1873. Christopher Latham Sholes developed the first commercially successful typewriter. In 1873 the keys were arranged alphabetically. Quickly, people became adept to using the keyboard that the keys would jam when being struck quickly. To overcome this problem Sholes would try to make the job of typing as slow as possible. Sholes placed the most frequently used keys as far apart from each other as he could. His keyboard became known as the QWERTY keyboard.

In the 1930?s a man by the name

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