Women In Business

Women In Business

Women in Business

As executives or business owners, women tend to run their businesses differently than men. Every 60 seconds a woman starts her own business. As of today there are over 9 million women-owned businesses nationwide. Women own almost half of the businesses in the majority of the United States. While inspiring, such figures hide an even more impressive fact: When a woman starts, builds, inherits, partners, or enters business ownership, she designs companies in new ways, therefore changing the face of business.
A woman?s approach to business ownership lies in the way a woman understands business ownership. When you own a business, no matter what that business is, you are automatically in the people business. It is this approach that gives the woman entrepreneur a key competitive advantage. When it comes to people skills and communication, a woman intuitively knows that while it only takes one person to start something, it takes many people to keep it going. Building a business means building a community, and communities are built by establishing trust and developing relationships, one person at a time. Most women realize that human exchange can make all the difference.
As entrepreneurs, the two critical resources that women

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