A Passion To Excellence

A Passion To Excellence


A Passion of Excellence offers great examples of businesses and companies in the real world. Dealing with problems and solutions. It has offer scores of anecdotes and practical insights, in helping all businesspeople on their road to success and excellence.

I agree with a lot of the techniques utilized in this book. There are some major principles I would recommend for today?s leaders and future leaders to acquire. First principle I would want to acquire to better myself explained about a ?Leadership Technology? called MBWA (Management by Wandering Around). It promises to keep customers and co-workers happy. Its principle is quite obvious but ignored greatly.

My belief is that this principle is mainly ignored due to the ?head boss? mentality. These given so-called leaders depend on dictatorship and the unwillingness to get their hands dirty. They?ve paid their dues, and now all they have to do is sit behind a desk and troubleshoot any problems that come their way. Throughout my career I?ve experienced management who?d go through crises due to their lack of action in practicing MBWA. It hampered the way they dealt with running their business and dealing with the customers. In effect producing an unsuccessful

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