Six Year Strategic Plan

Six Year Strategic Plan

Six-Year Strategic Plan

The strategic management process is comprised of three stages that are all very distinct. The first is a stage in which you form your overall plan. At Brewton-Parker they have defined their direction and mission for the future. The second part of the plan is the implementation phase of the strategy that we have just formed. The plan that has been implemented at Brewton-Parker is a six-year plan. The last part of the strategic planning process is the evaluation phase in which you review your initial objectives and find out how your plan is working.
The direction in which BPC is currently heading is to continue offering an undergraduate education that is built on a foundation of Christian faith. They are focused on providing an environment here on campus that is intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating to each student. The vision for BPC ?will be a distinctive community of learners (BPC, 3).? The strategy to get there will be to have strong academic standards, provide a good Christian influenced environment in which to learn, and to give each student the best chance to succeed.

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

Brewton Parker has many opportunities

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