Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Reading an Organizations Culture

Ones success and satisfaction in an organization can be influenced by how well that particular organizations? culture fits his or her personal preferences. There are certain things that should be focused on in trying to determine a culture and theses behaviors are the following:
1. Do Background Work- find out the names of people who used to work for this organization and find out why they are no longer there and what they thought about how things were done and the overall culture of the company. Also, talk with certain organizations that the company belongs to and ask questions about their business style. One can also explore the internet for dirt on the company and to check out its web site and notice any alarming trends or changes in the company.

2. Observe Physical Surroundings- keep your eyes open to how the building is decorated. What is hanging on the walls and how are employees offices set up. Is the building done in a really serious manner or a more laid back atmosphere How is everyone dressed and how do they conduct themselves around each other. Do they joke around and

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