Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Widget employees have been working for almost 14yrs in a very outcome oriented environment prior to their acquisition by Generic Software Company, which is a fast paced organization, operating as a flat hierarchy, featuring teams and participative management. The new CEO, Mary Gofast faces the challenge to bring about required changes in the corporate culture, structure and job design to function efficiently with minimal financial losses. The major areas, which need immediate attention, are 1) dealing with large number of middle managers 2) increasing the profit margin and quality of products. I as a consultant, suggest the following HBO concepts to bring about this change.
Changing the Corporate culture:

Corporate Culture acts as a tool for achieving organizational goals and helping companies adapt to challenging external forces. In order to survive in this competitive industry, Widget employees need to become more team oriented and innovative. I, as a consultant will focus on corporate culture by placing emphasis on:
?· Shared responsibility among employees for the companys success (or failure)
?· A strong customer focus, and
?· A sense of urgency about performing well.

Approach: I would define a culture that would create competitive advantage for Widget, choose the type of culture that best fits Widget new

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