The Future Of SWO Service

The Future Of SWO Service

The Future of SWO Service

Problem Statement
First of all, your company seems to be unsure of who they are selling to. You try to sell your product to small distributors, but lose money servicing them ($6,000 per month). You sell to medium distributors, who are willing to pay for service, but do not charge them enough, and certainly do not offer them very good service. Because of this, you lose many potential clients, and your larger clients leave because they are not satisfied.
Your company seems to be in great need of a marketing strategy. The mailings are a waste of time and money if they are not followed up on.
SWO charges less than most software companies for servicing. Your prices should be raised for your clients, and you should charge extra for the companies who use your services but do not buy your software (See Exhibit 4). Your employees should take advantage of these companies calling only for service by educating them about your software and trying to sell them SWO programs.

I believe you should move away from the small distributors, who would be just as well off with off-the-shelf programs such as ACCPAC. They require

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