Delegation 2

Let?s start by explaining what delegation is, this is the process in which you assign important task to other employees. In doing this process as a manager you must 1) Identify the task that is to be accomplished, 2) Choose the right employee to complete the assignment, 3) give complete and concise directions, 4) The next step is to monitor the progress of the assignment, check back with your employees to see how things are going and to make sure deadlines are being kept. 5) Provide feedback in order for your employees to complete the task, as a manager you must provide feedback. This will assist the staff so that they know where they are at with there task.
Delegation Process
The delegation process at the corporation that I work for is as follows: The Chief executive officer decides what he wants to see happen. then that would flow to the Vice President of Operations which would pass this information to all departments such as the Human Resource Director , the Information Technology?s department. This information would then be

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