Trapped In Death Cave

Trapped In Death Cave

Trapped in Death Cave
By Bill Wallace

Trapped in Death Cave is a mystery. It takes place in a small, remote town in the hills of Oklahoma. Most of the exciting action takes place in a cave near the town. I believe that the story takes place sometime in the last twenty years because there are televisions, arcades, and recent automobiles. I suggest reading pages 135 – 140; they are an example of some of the most exciting parts in the story. This is where the main characters get trapped in Death Cave and have to find their way out. The very first page (not numbered) is a good example of the authors writing.

There are four main characters. Their names are Brian, Gary, Odie, and Mrs. Becker. Brian, 11, and Gary, 12, are best friends and every year Brian comes to visit Gary in Oklahoma. Odie is a large man and is the town police officer who is mocked and teased and not appreciated by the citizens of Garys home town. Mrs. Becker is an old

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