And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

“And Then There Were None”

Author: Agatha Christie


In “And Then There Where None” by Agatha Christie, they
didnt say when it took place, but I think that it was after 1932.
because everyone was responsible for someone elses death
prior to 1932. It was on an island of the coast of Devon.
The general atmosphere was dark because there was a lot
of trees and the ocean was nice but cold. They didnt exactly
say where it was located except off the coast of Devon which
made you believe it was in England. The island was dark, the
house was not visible from the boat, only rocks and the large
rock shaped like an Indian head was visible and sinister looking.


Mr. Owen and his wife Una Nancy Owen who was said to have
bought Indian Island from Elmer Robson an American millionaire

Mr. Justice Wargrave – A retired judge who was invited to the
Indian Island by and old friend Lady Constance Culmington

Vera Claythorne – An unemployed secretary looking for a job.
Vera received a letter, offering her a job on Indian Island, and
expense money to get there. The letter was from a Una Nancy

Phillip Lombard

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