The War Of The Worlds

The War Of The Worlds

1. Three of the main characters are the narrator, the narrator?s brother, and the curate. The Narrator was connected to his brother through blood and family. The Narrator met the Curate in a field outside of his hometown while the Martians began a second attack.

2. My favorite character in the novel ?The War of The Worlds? was the narrator?s brother. When the Martians begin their attack on London, it sends six million people running and screaming trying to get out of the city. For miles and miles these people are herded together as tight as anchovies in a can. All of these people are only thinking of themselves. While this is happening , the narrators brother is doing his best to help these people who are in trouble (besides the threat of the Martians). When he is running with the heard to try and escape, he notices two man trying to steal everything from two woman. He runs over to the situation, without thinking, and tries to ward the men off. Of course since there were two of them, and one of him, he took

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