The Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis

?The Scarlet Ibis?

By James Hurst

Characterization of Doodle

William Armstrong, also known as Doodle, was a character in ?The Scarlet Ibis?. He was born with an illness that made him different from the rest of his family. Despite the illness, and with the help of his brother, Doodle, which was named after a doodle bug by his brother, overcame a lot of obstacles. If it wasn?t for the over bearing ness, and his arterial motives, Doodle might not have progressed as far as he did. This was due to the fact that the doctor, his mother and father did not have faith that Doodle will ever be able to accomplish anything because of his illness. The only person that had any faith in his ablities was his Aunt Nicey. Even though he had an illness that made him different Doodle was just like any other boy his age. He had the strength and determination to overcome , and do what he was told he could not do. He had a love and appreciation for things most take for grated. He also wanted to be accepted as a

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