The Black Shrike

The Black Shrike

A Man for Megan

1. GENRE – The genre of this book would be considered science fiction.
2. THEME ? The message of this book would be to find your true love and not to be with some one just because you can or for he or she to be with you to raise a family and have a regular life. Instead, to find someone who makes you happy and will be committed to you in every way possible forever and not have any doubts about it.
1. Was that the reason her hands clenched and her breath seemed to go faint every time she was in his presence Never, not with Elliot, not with any man or woman, had she felt such greed to be with someone.
2. For a minute she considered telling Elliot the truth. He was, after all her fiance, the man she was going to share the rest of her life with. Certainly her deserved to know the truth.
3. Megan stared out the windshield. ?I never expected Elliot to love me. I only expected him not to leave me.?

3. CHARACTERS ? 1.A) One of the main characters in the story is Megan. Megan

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