The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Homer?s The Odyssey has many different themes. Among them is Telemachos? own journey from a child to a young man. In the book, Homer shows Telemachos? change from a child who, lacking his father?s guidance, is not ready to rule a country to an adult who is prepared to take the crown passed down by his father.

To better understand Telemachos, some general background of his life much be given. Odysseus, Telemachos? father and the main character in The Odyssey, left for the Trojan War when his son was only an infant. The hero is gone for 20 years, and Telemachos is raised without a father. Also, while Odysseus was away undergoing the many trials that are described in The Odyssey, 108 suitors have descended upon his palace at Ithaca. Their aim is to convince Penelope, Odysseus? wife, that her husband is dead and she must remarry. They also have wild parties every night, eat the livestock and food in the palace, and leave Odysseus? home in disarray every night. Telemachos does not have the strength or the status to get rid of the powerful suitors. He feels that he cannot help

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