Hound Of the Baskervilles

Setting – About 1884-85, most of story takes place at Baskerville
Hall in Devonshire. The introduction and the
conclusion of this classic mystery occur at Sherlock
Holmes residence on Baker Street in London.
Plot –
We begin our story on Baker Street where Holmes and Watson talk to James
Mortimer. He gives him the history of the Baskerville family starting with
Hugo, the first victim of the hound, all the way up to the most recent
slaying, of Sir Charles Baskerville. The next of kin is notified and he is
to carry on the family legacy and live his remaining years at Baskerville
hall in Devonshire. Now of course this was the place whereupon Sir Charles
Baskerville was slayed by this vicious hound.
As the story begins to develop, Holmes sends Watson to Devonshire with
Sir Henry to gather information on the recent murder. During his inquires
he came across many figures, there was a Mr. & Miss Stapleton who were
naturalists and

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