All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses


Blevins was a very important character in the novel. He represented a sense of anxiety and puts some sort of a humorous mood to the story, because is mainly based on drama and problems in life.

He is a very smart kid for his age and life has taught him a lot, from the beginning of the story He showed the need for company when he was trying to follow John and Rawlins probably because he did not want to travel by himself, He had the guts to run away from where he came but going to Mexico was something else. The boy always tried to show his abilities and was really surprising.

I believe that the way Blevins was and his character has a lot to do with the problems he faced and the circumstances in his life also that he had a step father that obviously did not get along with and having to work made him grow faster and he had to learn to do things himself. Missing the father figure has a lot to do. He mentioned in the story that

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