Revenge Of The Witches

Revenge Of The Witches

Revenge of the Witches

Revenge is a part of all of our lives. Someone hurts us some way, and we want them to be hurt back. Sometimes, however, our hurt is slight or non-existent, but our hurt back is permanent and harsh. The most obvious and prominent character in The Crucible with revenge as their primary motivation was Abigail Williams. Thomas and Ruth Putnam are also driven by the need for vengeance. Even Parris, for a time, needed a little payback.
No one can doubt that Abigail wanted revenge. She was angry at John Proctor. She decided a nice, simple way to hurt him was take his wife. Ms. Williams was the one who started the accusations. She saw Betty sick, and saw a chance. She was by no means a stupid woman. She most likely cooked up the poppet idea with Mary Warren. It was not just coincidence. She just overestimated Mary?s resolve, which later caused a slight bit of trouble, but offered her the perfect opportunity to strike at Proctor. Abigail must have been quite the charismatic woman, able to pull together the other girls, even

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