by Daphen Du Maurier

This book takes place in the 19th century. There are a lot of different characters in this book. Some of them have very small parts, but they show you things about the major people in the book.
Rebecca was a very admired person in her town. Everyone loved her and adored her. She is the wife of Maxim De Winter. She ends up being the ghost of Manderley after her death. She haunts the old house. She tries to scare away Maxim?s new wife, The Heroine. Rebecca supposedly killed herself because of a fight that she and Maxim had the night of her death. Rebecca was dying of cancer.
The Heroine?s name never comes up in the book, but Maxim makes the comment that she has a beautiful name. She is the narrator of the story. She is also married to Maxim De Winter. They love traveling around from one place to another and staying from one hotel to another. She is also the mistress of Manderley.
Maxim De Winter is the owner of Manderley. Manderley is an old house, which is seemed to be haunted. He is the widower of

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