Feasts Of Violence

Feasts Of Violence


The gladiators almost dead men; it was just a matter of time until one would be killed. The gladiators fought at graves, these fights where actually celebrations to honor the man that had died. Then the fights of the gladiators became to a form on entertainment. Over time the sport had become more elaborate and the performance of the gladiators had to become bigger, later on the fights of the gladiators where moved into coliseums and arenas.

The contests of the gladiators became popular in Rome at about 264 B.C.(P.149) Gladiator?s originally fought for the honor a dead father or relative (P.150). The first gladiatorial combats therefore must have been taken place by the grave of the person who was being honor. The gladiators got more and more amusing for the public so that things where added to the fights like animal hunts. Once the fights where amusing for the public, the fights were moved into city squares. People began to where train as best as they could for the arena fights. Even a man could fight as good as he could they where being trained how to be killed.

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