The Client

The Client

The Client

AUTHOR: John Grisham.

OTHER INFORMATION: The book was first published by Century in the United Kingdom in 1993. The story is told by an omniscient narrator who shifts in the point of view. The story contains fory-two chapters.

TYPE: novel

SUBJECT: The story takes place in Memphis and tells about an eleven-year-old boy, Mark Sway, whom a secret is told where the corp of a US senator is hidden. Together with his lawyer, Reggie Love, they fight against the FBI, because they want to know the location of the murdered senator, at whatever cost of Mark and his family.

SYNOPSIS: One day, Mark goes with his brother Ricky into the forest. While the boys are smoking, they see a man who wants to commit suicide. Mark wants to help the man and removes the hose from the exhaust. The man, who is a lawyer of a mafia boss, catches Mark and tells him, where the corp of a killed US senator is hidden. Mark is able to escape before the man kills himself. After that the boys run home and call the police.
Mark is asked a lot of questions whether he knows the location of the body of the murdered

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