Humphrey Davy

Humphrey Davy

Sir Humphrey Davy
Sir Humphrey Davy was born on December 17, 1778 in Penzance, Cornwall, England. He received his education in penzance as well as Truro. When his father died in 1794, he needed to support his family so he became an apprentice to a surgeon apothecary. Then in 1794 he became interested in Chemistry.

After being released from the indenture of being an aprentice, he then became superintendent of the Medical Pneumatic Institution of Bristol. He did his study on the medical value of gases. There was when he made his first reputation. He studied Oxides of Nitrogen and dicovered the physiological effects of nitrous oxide, which then became known as laughing gas. It took 45 years before nitrous oxide became used by dentists.

Davy?s next discovery was one of his most important ones. His investigation was devoted to electrochemistry. Following Galvani?s experiments and the discovery of the voltaic pile, interest in galvanic electricity became popular. Nicholson and Carlisle, who obtained hydrogen and oxygen from water, carried out the first chemical decomposition by the means of the pile in 1800. Davy then began to example the effects of electricity in 1800.

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