Goyathlay, also known as Geronimo, was one of the most famous and infamous

Native American leaders of all time (Hook 32). Because of the lack of documentation,

the facts of his life have been somewhat changed over time. This is especially evident in

contemporary books and Hollywood movies. A good example is the movie


This relatively new documentation exaggerates and misinterprets points and

stories about his life. Because of his amazing cunning, warrior skill, and familiarity with

nature, people spread rumors of Geronimo having magical powers. Geronimo is said to

have magical powers. Supposedly he could see into the future, walk without creating

foot prints, and even hold off the dawn to protect his own ( The

Hollywood movie makers took these legends very seriously when making this picture.

There was one event at the beginning of the movie where a white man tries to

avenge his mother and sisters death by shooting Geronimo at one of his public

appearances. He shoots point blank range and Geronimo stands unchanged and

unamused. The white man is promptly informed that you can?t kill the old man with a

gun. This is a story

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