Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte: A life to remember

Emily Bronte was born on July 30, 1818 on Thornton at Bradford, Mr. Brontes parsonage. The Bronte family moved to a remote region of northern England called Haworth. Since Emily and her remaining sisters were too young to provide for the family, Emilys aunt, Elizabeth Branwell, moved in to take the position as main caregiver and guardian to the Bronte family. Educationally, Bronte was influenced most by her father Patrick Bronte. Bronte displayed her unconventional thinking through the character of Catharine Earnshaw. Growing up, Emily and sister Charlotte were very close, so her sisters absence had a profound impact on her happiness.
While her sister was away at school, Emily and her younger sister Anne were left to find their own way in literature. Together Anne and Emily began to work on a fantasy series called the

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