Viglante Justice
Vigilantism is viewed sign frustration with the system. This sends the messege to people that the police and courts have failed to provide security and justice. This is the reason certain people in society choose vigilantism over what is thought to be right for the people. But, these are often the same people who are in favour of democracy and try to achieve equality among all. Stopping vigilante is not easy, but i believe that films and film makers are doing little to provoke the growing popluarity by giving the idea that revenge killing is acceptable, instead of encouraging society to trust the judicial system. for Example Movies involving violent crime often position the viewer to sympathise with the victim who enacts the revenge by killing, hove the messege of it being acceptable .A Time To Kill, Sleepers and Eye For An Eye all confront the issue of revenge killing, which makes society to question the legal system and place justice solely on the individual.

If we did not live in a society with other people, laws would not be needed. We would do as we want, with no respect to others. But since individuals began to

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