Power Plays

Power Plays

The title of the book the I read is called Power Plays written by Tom Clancey
copyright 1999 and is 355 pages in length. This story takes place in both outer space but
mostly in Florida.

Roger Gordan the main character is a business man and the owner of a company
that has become the principal contractor for a space station called Orion.

Annie is a reporter that is doing a cover story on the space stations construction.
When the shuttle, that was transporting parts for the spacestation, was sabotaged she
started to get involved with the inspection of who was behind the sabotage of the shuttle.

The plot of this story is that Roger Gordon is trying to construct a Space Station.
The shipments sent into space are being sabotaged by a terroristict group. The objective is
to find out what terrorist group is behind the sabotages and stop them.

This is definitely one of the better books I have read. It was more exciting,
suspenseful and had a pretty dramatic start, which made me want to read more. Those are
the three things I look for in a good book because it keeps me interested. I am easily
sidetracked by other things. Besides making it about 200 pages shorter by cutting

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