The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Changing Places

?Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone???just remember that all the people in this world haven?t had the advantages that you?ve had?(5). Authors use different symbols to represent the personalities of characters. In the novel, The great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses different colors to represent the facade of his characters Daisy, Gatsby, and Nick.
There are certain colors that describe the way a person may act or feel. Daisy gives off the vibe that she is a very innocent, ditsy person and loves to have fun with everyone and anyone. Daisy wears white because it makes people think that she is innocent and sweet. She wears white so people will believe that she is happy and everything is perfect when the reality is that her life is empty and dull and lacking a sense of substance. When she first met Gatsby, she always excited young officers from Camp Taylor demanding the privilege of monopolizing her for one night, ?anyone just for an hour?(79). Daisy seems to be the type of girl everybody wants. ?She went with a slightly older crowd- when she went at all?(80). Daisy always had wild rumors going

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