On The Road With Charles Kuraltlt

On The Road With Charles Kuraltlt


In the beginning, I thought to myself??this will be a very dull and boring book?. But to my surprise, it turned out to be one of the best books I?ve read in a while. How lucky Mr. Kuralt was to have seen that many walks of life!
This book gave brief biographies on how ordinary Americans live their lives and how they impact others around them. These mini-biographies caught average Americans in the act of being themselves. This was not an acted out or staged by any means, these were sheer, humble acts of what being a great American and a good citizen is all about.
Throughout his voyage, I found Mr. Kuralt to be: unbiased, desegregated, witty and charming. He would blend right in with each person as if he had known him or her for ages. For example, when he interviewed Betsy Miller of Winterville, NC, an elderly lady who opened her home to the hungry each day like clockwork. Everyday at the crack of dawn, she would get up to make biscuits. She expected nothing in return.
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