Old Man And The Sea

Old Man And The Sea

Old Man and the Sea

In this book by Ernest Hemingway an old man shows that he could still fish and do his daily tasks as if he were still a young man. He shows triumph in the face of defeat in the battle of the great marlin and his own old age. The old man develops a relationship with a young boy, which would last an eternity. This would in turn help the old man as he aged.

This book takes place in the past and is about an old man that loves fishing in the Gulf Stream. The old man was a thin with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck and had scars on his hands from handling the years of handling the fishing line(Hemingway 10). He taught this young boy how to fish and the boy loved him. He even brought him fishing many times. But the past 84 days the old man had not caught one fish. He was declared salao by the townspeople the worst form of bad luck (Hemingway 9). After 40 days of not catching anything the boy left and fished on another boat.

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