Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men

Act One, Scene 1: a clearing in the woods. George and Lennie are running from the police, and arrive in the clearing to hide. George vents his frustration at Lennie always getting the two of them in trouble, and George having to get them out (Trouble, always trouble: thats all youre good for.). This time, Lennie had been fascinated in a childlike way by the fabric of a womans dress, but shed interpreted his petting it as a rape attempt, and when she screamed Lennie had panicked and gripped tighter. George gripes about how much better his life would be without Lennie (My life would be so simple by myself). But he doesnt really mean it, any more than Lennie means his offer to leave (Just give me the word and Ill strike out alone). This seems to be their ritual.

Lennie has a mouse in his pocket; he had accidentally killed it by stroking it too hard. George, angry, throws it away, and Lennie laments (It was something I could stroke). George cheers him up by reciting their long-standing dream: to get a farm of their own, and live in security (One day soon, well save up enough). They

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