Romantic Characteristics In The Latter Half Of Moby Dick Com

Romantic Characteristics In The Latter Half Of Moby Dick Compared To Emerson And Thoreau

In the second half of Moby Dick four characterstics that I identified were sentementalism, celebration of nature, primitivism, and introspection. Sentementalism through out the whole entire book was evident, but more chapters it seemed were based on the wonderful world of whaling. The majestic significance of the chapter featured whale anatomy like The Tail, The Fountain, and ; Ismael?s glorified thoughts of whales and whalemen in The Honour and Glory of Whaling signify to me that this young man had no life. Nothing other to do with himself then drown his mind in all thing Whale as to maybe feel more like a whalemen himself. I have read nothing of him actually killing, cutting or cleaning anything but he squishes a mean Whale sperm globule?w-hoo!
The romantic characterisitic of possibility was well- functioned in the latter chapters. The possibility that Moby Dick?s deliberate attack on Ahab could be all in his head until ?proven? otherwise by the whale dismembered arm of another Captain of a Whaling ship. The possibility that there was someone else who wanted to destroy the white whale just as much as he did? to maybe forma partnership in locating

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