The Story Of The A-Bomb Kid

The Story Of The A-Bomb Kid

John Aristotle Phillips is an Obscure Individual. He graduated from Princeton in 78?, repeating his senior year. He transferred to Princeton for his sophomore year, and landed an exclusive spot on the academic probation. He got average grades, and was on the path to flunking out. Then he did something that anything less of a genus couldnt accomplish. John Phillips is not a genius. John Phillips is an Obscure Individual who was Whoopeed.

?Whoopee is a mass media action word. It describes the process which starts when an Obscure Individual does something Creative, Courageous, Frivolous, or Frightening (C2F2). The media decide that he will make a Good Copy (GC). Using millions of newspapers, magazines, radios, and television sets, the media form a peephole through which the public can scrutinize him. The Publics Impression through the Media Peephole (PIMP) suddenly makes him more important than what he has done. The Obscure Individual is now a Personality:?

John Phillips wasn?t always such a personality. In fifth grade, his teachers believed he would never be able to handle abstract math. Although he wasn?t allowed to see, he tested below average on his IQ analysis. He grew

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