John Jacob Astor

John Jacob Astor

Michigan: A Land of Fortune
The Story of John Jacob Astor and how Michigan Made His Fortune

John Jacob Astor was a man that many today consider the first multi-millionaire in the United States. His personal fortune was made from various types of businesses, most notably in the fur trade. The implementation of his business sense in a society that had not seen anything of the sort is the reason that he today is considered one of the founding fathers of ?Big Business.? After coming to America in 1784, he was able to come across advice on how lucrative the fur trading business would and can be. Astor turned this advice into a reality. The fur trade was to be the beginning of something that would hit on more fronts than just the introduction of a nation wide business, but to be used as a tool in the convincing of the Native Americans to come and side with the U.S. as the British occupation in Northern Michigan was beginning to subside, and the beginning of the Canadian intervention in the influence of the Native Americans was beginning to start. Not only did Astor use his corporation the American Fur Company to make

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